Imagine if we could actually make a difference!

Imagine, if we could really make a difference.

Imagine if we were able to transport a person who lived 100 years ago & take them on a walk through our modern lives.

The changes over the last century are staggering. From what we eat & where we get it, to where we get our clothes from,our time saving gadgets & devices & how we spend our time & the ways and distances in which we travel.

Would we be proud to explain the advantages we enjoy today have come at such a huge cost. Species extinction, loss of massive expanses of native forests,the pollution of our oceans, riversand the air that we breathe & the warming of our planet. All of this on a massive scale.

The cost of our modern lifestyles is, in reality, the health of our planet.

As individuals the task of making change can seem overwhelming but as consumers the power is absolutely in our hands. Our choices make us own our personal responsibility to the problems and the solutions.

At Vega Organics, it is our mission to apply the equivalent values to skin care, turning away from the chemical filled, watered down, over packaged, overpriced products that crowd the shelves and scream false claims of miracles to us from our screens.

A 100 years ago the industrial & chemical revolution was in its infancy and gave rise to the mass production of "cold cream".

Heavily marketed and sold as a miracle product, a must have for the modern woman which made the manufacturers huge profits,both then and now.

These creams were made with a little bit of oil and a large amount of water, as the water evaporated on the skin, it left a cool feeling, hence the term "cold cream". As oil and water do not mix an emulsifier was needed, as water breeds bacteria, yeast & moulds it was

necessary to add chemical preservatives.

As time passed plant oils were replaced with cheaper petroleum-derived mineral oils, more sophisticated chemical emulsifiers, thickeners, fillers and ingredients were created to improve the "skin feel", synthetic fragrances to enhance the experience and sadly this is where we still find the multi billion dollar skincare industry today, a very small amount of oil mixed with water and an ever expanding range of synthetic ingredients.

Even so called "natural" products are filled with synthetic ingredients sold to us by dishonest & devious marketing methods known as GREEN WASHING

(read more about Green Washing in this blog).

The active component of any skin care formulation are the oils, butters and plant extracts. Water is included to dilute it and make it spread more thinly on the skin making it cheaper to produce and necessary to include a toxic cocktail of cheap & nasty synthetic ingredients.

As we are now more aware with the food we put into our bodies, the less processed and natural it is, the better it is for our health.

And so it is with skin care, it is insane to mess with nature by diluting, emulsifying and preserving products when their nutrients and healing properties are more potent and available in their natural state.

Our ancestors understood that what we apply to our skin should be of a quality that we are prepared to put into our mouths and eat, they embraced the benefits of using pure oils & plant extracts as food, medicine and for their role in skin health and healing.

The skin is an organ that is nourished from the inside but also readily absorbs a wide range of molecules that are placed on its outside, both health giving nutrients and toxins alike, the choice is ours.

This is the choice on which Vega Organics skin care is based.

We choose to embrace the principle of the perfection of nature, that it is the safest & most effective approach for our own health and well being and for that of our planet.

It is a small step, but we believe it is in the right direction. We do not claim that we have all the answers or that we have achieved our goal of being 100% organic as the complexities of processes in Indonesia has made this task more difficult than we could have imagined when we started our quest many years ago.

Our 100% natural (& as organic as we can make it) skin care is one small step toward the change that needs to be made to restore the health of our planet.


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